Is Frankincense the next cure for stress, arthritis and …cancer?

frankincense resin

Frankincense resin

I first found out about the healing properties of frankincense when I began to create my well-being candles and blends, a new world of natural healing opened up to me and I began to turn to things of the earth rather than pharmaceuticals to treat and manage my health problems.  My major interest in frankincense was based on the fact that it was applauded as a natural painkiller and inflammatory as well as having sedative (calming and anti-anxiety) properties as I suffered terribly with sciatica, neuropathy and acute/chronic stress.

After conducting some research I found out that what I needed was high grade frankincense resin which I purchased from a local importer.  It was there that I found out that frankincense was also effective for treating cancer.  There are different grades of frankincense which are determined by the country of origin of the Boswellia tree, the age of the tree, the time of year the frankincense resin is harvested and how often the tree is tapped.  Higher grades of Boswellia resin are believed to come from Oman and India and is harvested later in the year, they contain less impurities than those harvested elsewhere and earlier on in the year.

Purchasing frankincense

To really benefit from the healing properties of frankincense you will need to purchase Hojari and Silver frankincense, these are the highest grades of frankincense used for physical, psychological and spiritual well-being and healing.

  • Green Hojari is most specifically linked to combating cancer, Green Hojari has the capability of destroying cancer cells without harming regular cells. It is believed to purify and rebuild DNA strands, regulate blood circulation, cleanse and invigorate the blood, and relieve severe arthritic pain.
  • Yellow Hojari is used to purify the blood cells, reduce menstrual and arthritis pain, treat joint inflammations, asthma, digestion and kidney disease.

You can also find Frankincense essential oil but this is an area where you also have to take caution and research your supplier well.  There are two types of oil: Boswellia Carteri  harvested from Somalia is the most common type of essential oil and Boswellia Sacra which is harvested from Oman.  Boswellia Sacra is currently being investigated by medical scientists for its cancer fighting properties, both oils are useful as a painkiller and stress reliever.  Boswellia Carteri costs around £15 per 10ml bottle and as grown in the wild so there is no real need to buy an Organic version, but please speak to your aromatherapy retailer to find out more about how this oil is farmed and produced to ensure the best therapeutic quality.  This oil is therapeutic but not as much so as the Boswellia Sacra, the Boswellia Sacra costs around £40 per 10ml bottle again check the supplier as I know many retailers claim there oil is the Sacra version but as this resin is over-harvested there is limited stock available.  I buy my resin from ‘The Frankincense Store’ in the UK because not only do they import their frankincense straight from Oman but they also hand sort and grade the Frankincense plus I can go to their premises and see all the resins, ask questions and even watch them hand grade the frankincense!  I use their frankincense resin in my wax melts and perfume oils and as soon as they start to stock Boswellia Sacra I will also include this oil in my oil blends.

You can find frankincense in these oil blends and products:

  1. Shabbat Shalom oil blend products
  2. Yeshuati oil blend products

Interview with the owner of The Frankincense Store

- What prompted you to open up your store? 

The frankincense store started with my own experiences with the resin. At the time in 2009 I was going through lots of personal problems as well as feeling depressed and down.  But the burning of frankincense changed a lot within weeks and with a clearer vision, I felt my inner intuition tell me to start the frankincense trade. I guess it was a divine instruction.

- What makes your store different from other sellers of natural resins and products? 

We take great pride on every resin we have as we know the benefit of each one. All our resins are hand graded so we can deliver the finest resins. Also our store in a frankincense specialist and sell no other incense or resins. We have a wealth of knowledge to compliment each grade.

- What are the healing properties of frankincense?  How can it be used to promote health and well-being?

Frankincense can be used to burn to purify and relax our mind from negative thinking. It lifts our spirit creating a feel good factor which then enables us to think and see clearly and with a calm mind. Some of our resins can also be drunk as a tea to relieve menstrual and arthritic pain, as well as cleaning and purifying blood cells.

- What should buyers look for when choosing frankincense resin for health and well-being purposes? 

There are many factors to look out for, such as country of origin, the colour and the size. These all reflect the properties for healing. Our frankincense resins are from the Boswellia sacra tree which is the finest of its kind.

- What research has been done to support the healing properties of natural resins on health and well-being? 

There is a vast amount of research on the Internet with scientific backing on the use of natural resins and herbs for medicine and well being. With modern science and Internet more people worldwide are turning to natural medicine than chemicals. Recent scientific tests show that frankincense can help cure cancer- and depression. As frankincense is an ancient herb dating far back as 5000 years it’s use in medicine has been evident thoughtful all the civilisations that have used the herb . One of the key qualities of frankincense is its use to enhance and purify the mind and soul. The root to where all illnesses start. More Info can be found at freeyoursenses Or email Shehbaz with your questions to

To find out more about the research carried out on frankincense and cancer, you can read this article. If you wish to purchase any frankincense from the Frankincense store, please feel free to contact them or email me for further information and pricing about purchasing the resins alongside our own products.



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